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Automotive / Motorcycle/ Marine Upholstery


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Leave It Two Weaver has four levels to resolve problems in vehicle which depends on the situation and budget. Team Weaver can patch holes and re-dye the vinyl, plastic, or leather. This is for the budget minded people or someone selling the vehicle. The second price level or repair level would be to take a couple of sections out and sew them back in the original place. The third level would be to take the seat cover apart and build a duplicate cover and repair the base. Usually most repair problems are one of several things. The foam base is made of cheap foam from the manufacturer of the vehicle or the vehicle is used in commercial applications. We use high density foam and replace the collapsed foam and re-weld it back. Then we build a covers using trim foam with a nylon mesh backing. We use UV thread which will handle the sun light through the windows.

We can build custom seat covers from scratch with multiple types of vinyl, cloth, or leather. We can also build custom panels, door panels, and consoles. We can take your original covers and install in the antique cars and trucks. We can replace headliners in vehicles with or without sunroofs and the older bow type headliners. We can repair sunroof problems and convertible top problems. Team Weaver replaces most convertible tops and vinyl tops on the older cars.

Leave It Two Weaver Upholstery is also a dealer of several leather skin companies. We install leather from Katzkin and Alea Leather. They have multiple ways to have the covered made with little increase in price. We can two tone the covers with two options such as inserts and whole front faces changed to a different color than the rest of the cover. We can have the headrest or the top back embroidered to have initials or name of vehicle. These covers are a great way to increase your value of the vehicle without going to a higher package and paying $6000.00 more in financing. Most covers with labor average about $1200.00 to $1500.00 depending on seating. SUV and Vans are about $1300.00 to $1800.00. The covers are made of high end leather and are computer generated to save the customer money. We can make them but our price can’t touch the savings of these covers. The savings are in pattern making.


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Leave It Two Weaver does many types of covers for the motorcycle enthusiast. We do custom covers, modify existing covers to make them more comfortable, or build them from scratch. We have done multiple World of Wheels winners over the years. Most of them we started from an idea and made it into reality. We us high density foam with varying compression depending on the rider. The seat pans have been anything from fiberglass, wood or plastic. We have used leathers, exotic leathers, carbine fiber, suede’s or just marine vinyl. We can make your ride more comfortable for your long trips.


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Leave It Two Weaver Upholstery specializes in boat and sea doo upholstery. We take the extra step in building seat covers. We have perfected this process over the years of doing this type of work. We use Spradling Marine Vinyl on 95 percent of the jobs we do because they have been used in the high end boat markets for awhile. Spradling products use Permaguard, Permablok, and Silverguard to make a advanced products to handle the elements of rain, cold, moisture and extreme sun light. They have mildew resistant backing, UV stabilized pigments, and kills bacteria. We glue a trim foam backing that gives a plush feel as well as our trim foam has a nylon backing for a strong seam. We use UV thread which protects the seams from sun light and heat. It is not bleach proof but there is a thread in the making that we will pick up when available that is supposed to be bleach proof. We build cushions from scratch if wood rot is present. We use two products according to the budget of the customer. We use Marine plywood which is treated and will handle the weather and water sitting in areas where the water want drain. Leave It Two Weaver also uses Star Board which is a plastic board that eliminates wood rot completely. It is more expensive but customer want have to replace again in future. We use this product on sundecks because it takes the most abuse.

We replace carpet on pontoon boats as well as install the new vinyl floors on the boats. The vinyl floors are an excellent way to make the floor last with a non-slip additive and are no hotter than your normal marine carpet. I have had this product on my personal boat for over 10 years and still going strong. I pressure wash this product every year and begin my boating season.

We build Bimini Top, certain boat covers depending size and snap on covers for the side of the boat. We use Recracril fabric because it wears better than the Sunbrella. We can use any product but we prefer the Recracril. It comes in many different colors and repels water.

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