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Leave It Two Weaver has four levels to resolve your automotive problems depending on the situation and budget. The first is for the budget-minded or someone selling the vehicle : Team Weaver can patch holes and re-dye the vinyl, plastic, or leather. The second level or repair level: removes one or more of the damaged sections and sews new sections back in the original place. The third level: removes the current seat cover and we take it apart to build a duplicate cover and repair the foam base of the seat. Most repair problems are one of several things : either the foam base is made of cheap foam from the vehicle manufacturer or the vehicle is used in commercial applications. We replace the collapsed foam with High Density foam and re-weld it back. Next, we build the covers using trim foam with a nylon mesh backing and UV thread which will stand up to daily sun exposure.

Lastly, we can build custom seat covers from scratch with multiple types of vinyl, cloth, or leather. We can build custom seat panels, door panels, and consoles. We can take your original covers and install them in Antique cars or trucks. We can replace headliners with or without sunroofs and the older bow type headliners. We can repair sunroof and convertible top problems. Team Weaver replaces convertible tops and vinyl tops on most older cars.

Leave It Two Weaver Upholstery is also a dealer of several Premium leather seat cover companies. We install leather covers from Katzkin and Alea Leather. They have multiple ways to have the covers made with little increase in price. You can two tone the covers with many options available, such as inserts and complete front faces changed to a different color than the rest of the cover. You can even have the headrest or the top back of your seat embroidered to have your initials or the name of vehicle. These covers are a great way to increase the value of your vehicle without opting for a higher package and paying $6000.00 more in financing. Most covers and the labor cost on average about $1200.00 to $1500.00 depending on your seating and pattern choices. SUV and Vans are about $1300.00 to $1800.00. These covers are made of high end leather and are computer generated to save the customer money. We can make them but our price can’t touch the savings of these covers. The savings are in pattern making.

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