Residential Upholstery

Residential Upholstery

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Leave It Two Weaver Upholstery does all types of residential upholstery and we build some projects from scratch. We have books of fabric swatches to choose from but most of what we have are for commercial applications. We encourage people to price shop the fabric and bring it to us for us to do the labor. We replace foam in cushions with good quality foam of various densities and compression with the ability to last up to 10 years. We do chairs, loveseats, and couches if they are seven years or older. If newer than this the cost to reupholster will be more than what you paid for it when you purchased it. Manufacturers have cheapened the frames and materials to get the cost down. A good rule of thumb is if you can pick it up with one hand then the frame was made of light pine or some sort of cheap wood. If it takes both hands to pick up one side of the sofa or loveseat then it is well made and we recommend hanging on to the piece. We can rebuild the base to make the piece great again with new foam, Dacron, and updated and durable fabric.

We replace slings in outdoor pool furniture. We can purchase the slings for all types of chairs. We also can build the slings in some unique situations where they are not offered. The slings are very affordable but not easy to replace. They take special tools to stretch them to fit tight. We can build good quality cushions to fit your outdoor lawn chairs. We use fast dry foam in outdoor setting to slow down bacteria, mold and mildew from inside the covers in outdoor cushions. We have several books that you can choose the outdoor fabrics that are water resistant and some waterproof. The problem with water proof and water resistant is the seams are where the water enters the cushion but using the right foam will allow them to last longer.

We have done all types of projects that are not mentioned in this write up but all you have to do is ask if we can do it and more than likely we can do the project. Take pictures and text them to us or bring the project by and we can discuss the best way to resolve your problem for the best price. We are all about doing good quality work for a fair price.

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