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Automotive Uphlstery

At the most competitive rates around, Leave It Two Weaver Upholstery will transform your automotive upholstery. Whether you’re just looking for upholstery repair or want to invest in a full custom car interior, we have the tools, techniques, and imagination to create an interior you can be proud to show off.

Mountain Brook | Vestavia Hills

Residential Upholstery

The chairs and couches in Hoover homes get a lot of use. And after extended use, it is very common for these pieces of furniture to show dirt and soil quickly. Stains and other types of damages on your upholstery can certainly make lounging on your favorite sofa less comfortable, but what do you think about the dirt you can’t see? Upholstery collects many contaminates like oils, skin cells and dust not visible to the human eye.


Marine Upholstery

Some people think that when they purchase a yacht or other type of boat that all the work is done and that they’ll never have to think about upholstery maintenance or upkeep moving forward. Unfortunately, this is not the case and much like a car, motorbike or your home’s interior, you have to hire a professional team to make sure that your leather seating, fiberglass dashboard and wood or plastic finishing looks its very best for longer. And if you are based in the Hoover area, then there is only one number that you need to call.

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